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Razzle Dazzle Pet Spa & Doggie Daycare

Vaccinations Required: 

Dogs: DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella 
Cats: FVRCP, FLV/FELV and Rabies

Please have your veterinarian fax your pets' shot records to us as soon as you make your reservation. Our fax number is 
(803) 802-3342.  Pets will not be accepted until proof of vaccinations. 
Everybody Wins 

Brushing and combing regularly will keep your cat from developing painful knots, often difficult to remove without the services of a professional groomer. 

Grooming helps minimize the formation of hairballs – hair that a cat ingests as he washes himself. If a hairball lodges in your cat's digestive tract, it may require surgery to remove.

Combing and brushing helps you detect fleas which deposit dark bits of feces, commonly called "flea dirt," on your cat. Timely detection of fleas is necessary before the fleas infest your cat and your home. 

Brushing your cat means less vacuuming because more hair will be trapped by your cat's hair brush and less hair will be deposited on the carpet. 

Regular grooming sessions are a way to spend quality time with your cat. Grooming should be as much fun for your cat as playtime. 

The Right Stuff

The right grooming tools will make the job easier. Have a variety of grooming equipment available based on your cat's coat type and use them concurrently. Combs can be used in conjunction with brushes. Start first by combing your cat, then follow by brushing your cat to distribute the natural oils throughout his hair. 

A flea comb is a metal comb that has fine teeth that are close together. Flea combs trap fleas in the teeth of the comb. Once the flea is on the comb, it should be dipped in a cup of flea shampoo or removed by smashing it in a tissue. 

Metal combs with teeth that are farther apart should be used on cats with long hair and a dense undercoat to keep the coat from matting.

To make grooming more appealing to your cat, store the brushes and combs in a plastic bag with loose catnip. 

Give your cat the opportunity to groom himself by attaching a corner-mounted comber to a wall at your cat's eye-level. Sit back and watch your cat have a blast on the corner-comber.